Aurum is the form of currency in the world of Yandross. It is used by all Grand World Order empires and even most of the ones outside the GWO.

Types of Aurum

There are only three types of currency: a copper aurum, which is worth one aurum, a silver aurum, worth 10, and a gold aurum, worth 100.

The copper aurum is obviously the most common variant, with the silver in second, and the gold in third. Most transactions use a combination of the three.


Copper Aurum


Silver Aurum


Gold Aurum


The aurum was created in 87 SA in the kingdom of Argentum and is modeled off the kingdom's crest. It became the universal currency in 90 SA after it became incredibly popular with the people. It was considered the ideal currency for its small size and ease of use as before people would use chunks of precious gems and metals for bartering.

Even after Argentum's economic decline at the start of the Centennial War, the aurum is still being used.