Draconic Avatars are gigantic, dragon-like avatars made of the user's CHI which surrounds them and fights on their behalf. The solidity of the form varies depending on mastery, with the most skilled users having a completely solid form.


When a Draconic Avatar is formed, it is controlled by the user's will and acts accordingly. In its imperfect form, a Draconic Avatar resembles only the skeletal structure of a dragon, but as the user expels more CHI, the form becomes more complete. In its semi-perfect form, the Draconic Avatar resembles a semi-transparent dragon, with the dragon's actual characteristics differing based on the users appearance. In the Draconic Avatar's perfect form, it becomes a completely solid dragon, with no hint of the original user suspended inside the body.

Although the Draconic Avatar is an effective weapon, it drains the user greatly, depending on their mastery, and only lasts for around 5 to 10 minutes at most in its imperfect form and around 13 to 15 minutes in its perfect form. The longer the form is used, the more exhausted the user becomes and, at a certain stage, it actually begins to become a painful, burning sensation.

Semi-Transformative State

The Draconic Avatar can also be utilized on various points of the body. For example, a Lydian can semi-transform their avatar and superimpose a dragon's arm over their own. This version of the ability is much less physically taxing on the body and can be used for longer periods of time, although most Lydians only use it for a single task, like a singular punch.

Possible uses for the semi-transformative state are conjuring wings to allow the user to fly, or even creating an arm to help lift heavy objects.


The Draconic Avatar was developed by a notable Pre-Lydian soldier named Vera Viri. She realized an imperfect form whilst fighting in the Niguard civil war and developed it from that point onward.

She began to hold classes for soldiers in order to teach them the Draconic Avatar, but the normal civilians began to pick up on the ability as well. Viri's son, Apollo Viri, was the first one to realize a truly perfect Draconic Avatar, one that was solid and could last for over 15 minutes before pain began to ensue.

Over the years, the Draconic Avatar became common practice and, before long, all Lydians knew of its existence and were capable of using it to varying degrees.

Notable Characteristics

In the Draconic Avatar's imperfect through semi-perfect forms, it's color is that of the user's aura color. It is also semi-transparent, but still solid enough for combat in those forms.

Not until the Draconic Avatar reaches perfection, is it actually a perfectly solid object. In its perfect form, the avatar resembles an true dragon and becomes colors resembling the user, rather than their aura color.

Notable Users

User Level Type Mane Eye Body Name
Zadal Ultimum Perfect Western Red Gold-yellow Purple Goldyr
Celebrant Ultimum Perfect Western Dark Blue Red Blue King
Lusio Nox Perfect Hydra Black Purple Black Hydra
Aqua Unda Perfect Sea-Serpent Blue-green Blue-green Blue-green Leviathan
Ventus Vertex Perfect Wyvern Green Green Green Aether
Ignis Ardor Perfect Drake Orange-red Red Red Fen
Terra Ultimum Perfect Western Red Gold-yellow Green Tellus
Umbra Ater Semiperfect Great Serpent Black Black Black Fafnir
Aerith Adamas Perfect Western Blue-silver Blue-silver Silver Ana
Nato Magna Semiperfect Great Serpent Purple Red Black Basilic
Arva Solum Imperfect Western Brown Brown White Asdiv
Tempus Lux Perfect Eastern White Green White-blue Ryujin
Clarus Gelo Semiperfect Drake Green Brown Green Bel
Zentei Ultimum Semiperfect Western Dark Blue Red Blue Knucker
Ariel Ultimum Imperfect Great Serpent Red Gold-yellow Red Python


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