Crimson Loda2

The Crimson Loda

The Crimson Loda is one of two specialized crystals that can store the memories of the last person who touched it. The memories that are stored are any from before and during touching the Loda. Any memories from after touching the Loda are not stored unless it is touched once again.
Azure Loda2

The Azure Loda

The other Loda is known as the Azure Loda. It has all of the same capabilities as the Crimson Loda, but it is of a different color and can store the memories of two people as opposed to one.


Nobody knows where these two crystals came from, but it is presumed that they were created by one of the gods.

There is only one recorded use of the Loda in history as of now. It was used in 100010 FA to revive Crown Royal Prince Raul of Vestiria by implanting his memories from the Crimson Loda into a new body. This action was carried out by Artus the Azure.