Lydians are a form of life that was once indigenous to Sardes, Niguard. After the Nova War, Lydians moved en-masse to Lydia, Nova, where they obtained their modern name.


Lydians are around average height and possess slightly pointed ears, as well as vibrant hair and eye colors. As Lydians age, they don't easily gain wrinkles unless they are under heavy amounts of stress. Because they live almost double what Yuna do, they appear to physically age slower, but do not mentally.

Lydians also possess the ability to survive around 20 years without eating or drinking by "feeding" off of Yandross's Mana and taking it as their own, although they don't emerge very healthy after such a long bout of not eating.


Before the Nova War, the Lydians (called Vera at the time) lived in Sardes, Niguard where they were ruled predominantly by other Lydians. After the Nova War, however, the Lydians moved to Lydia, Nova and eventually hid themselves away on the floating Kingdom of Old Lydia.


Lydians are sentient beings who currently reside on Old Lydia. They require very little food because their bodies live off of Mana more than the energy obtained from eating. They generally live near drier areas, as that is what they are accustomed to, and don't need much water, either.

They believe that they are created from the image of Zephyr and that they return to him if they die in battle. Should a Lydian die of anything else, they are given to Vorago and doomed to become a Shadow.


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