Mana is the llife energy stored in the soul of all living things on Yandross. Mana is something that is used by nearly all people of Yandross for many different tasks. Most can use their Mana to control the elements, or form physical objects with differing solidity depending on mastery.

Learning Control


Over time a person naturally learns to control their Mana to a lesser extent, but it can be learned and mastered earlier through training. A person's Mana usually becomes known at around 5 years of age. This is called their awakening and is usually treated as a grand event in a person's life.

If a person never receives their awakening, their Mana can be forcefully brought out through a serge of another person's Mana. This is generally frowned upon, however, and can cause serious damage to the person's body or mind. Very rarely, a person could not possess the ability to control their Mana at all. These people are considered useless to society, however, and usually become outcasts.


Aura is the Mana that a person's body naturally emits. The emission is unconscious, but can be controlled and used to garner various results depending on the person. Usually, the aura naturally emitted from the body is harmless but it is possible to emit too much and allow it to leak indefinitely, causing injury or even death.

Mana Reserves


Depending on the person's race, they can have anywhere from 1 to 5 reserves of Mana. These reserves are outlier portions of a soul that contain excess Mana that a person can draw from in times of need.

If overused, these reserves can be destroyed making them unusable for the remainder of a person's life. Because of this, they are generally only used when someone is forced into a bad situation.

Main Techniques

To fully activate and control Mana, one must begin with these major principals of mastery.


The first step in mastering Mana is to learn how to emit your aura. This is usually learned over time, but can be specifically trained earlier on.

This step is usually not very difficult to learn, but without mastering the next step, it can cause harm.


This step is usually learned alongside emission as, without it, a person can quickly deplete their Mana without meaning to. To learn control, one must focus on their aura and stop it from leaking excess amounts from their body. This doesn't take much time to learn, but mastery is quite difficult.


After learning to emit and control their Mana, a person can then learn to manipulate it in special ways. The way in which someone manipulates their aura is decided upon later and ranges depending on the person. After a person has learned to manipulate their aura, they can move on to learning more advanced techniques that use this principal.

Advanced Techniques

After learning to use Mana, a person can then begin training with certain techniques that allow for a variety of different abilities.


Laru (Eye) is a technique in which the user focuses their aura into their eyes, allowing them to see the aura of others. It's a relatively simple technique to learn compared to the other techniques, but it still requires a good deal of training to master.

Incredibly skilled users of laru most likely don't even expel excess Mana to coat their eyes and only use their naturally emitted aura.


A simple technique that allows a user to mask their aura, making it seem as though they have none. This is generally used to fool an opponent during combat, but some masters can see through the ruse.


A very difficult technique that requires years of training to even learn. It allows a person to create physical objects from their Mana whose solidity depends on the person's mastery of transmutation. Most users can only create small objects such as a sword, but people with more Mana reserves can create larger constructs due to them having more Mana to work with.


This technique involves using your Mana to enhance certain aspects of yourself. This can range from increased strength to superhuman eyesight and more. It is very difficult to learn and master and requires many years of training.

Draconic Arts

An umbrella term associated with emitting, controlling, and manipulating the elements using Mana. Each person has a singular innate element, but they can learn other ones if they desire to. This technique was originally discovered by an ancient Lydian monk known as Telestis of Clan Carinus.


Mana corruption is something present in nearly every being with a soul and Mana. Depending on how evil a person is, their Mana and Soul could become entirely corrupt, turning their Aura black and creating a very powerful Shadow in death.

Corruption is not necessary a bad thing, however, as most people are within 10% - 20% corrupt for simply being human. If a soul becomes at least 25% corrupt, a Shadow will be born when that person dies with no hope of purifying their soul. Corruption spreads when a person acts on extremely negative impulses, like revenge or an urge to kill for no legitimate reason. In either of those cases, that person's soul would become slightly more corrupt for each action performed under those feelings.