Melios are incredible warriors of Old Lydia who are recognized for their masterful skill in one of the elements. They were created by Adeo Ultimum as a way to keep the people safe during the early years of the Lydian kingdom.


The word Melio comes from the Niguardian word Melius, which was the title given to powerful warriors of Sardes, Niguard under the High King of Sardes, Rex Ultimum. As the son of Rex, Adeo thought to honor his father's memory by naming his protectors after the soldiers of his father's kingdom.

Originally, these soldiers simply helped deter the warriors of neighboring kingdoms from attacking Lydia. Today, the are simply treated as incredibly high-ranking military police, rather than soldiers. Although, they are still sent on secret missions to the surface world.

Melio Types

There are two types of Melios. One of which is the basic Melio, a soldier recognized for incredible skill in one of the seven elements. The other is a Fusion Melio, which is a Melio who shows incredible skill in combined elements, such as Shadow, a combination of Darkness and Air. Fusion Melios are treated as slightly lower ranked than the basic Melios.

Choosing Melios

Every new sovereign of Old Lydia must choose their Melios within the first month of their rule. They do this by holding a large battle royal style tournament where everyone is invited to participate. At the end of the battle, the High King chooses a Melio for each of the seven basic elements and, if any stood out, he also chooses some Fusion Melios.

Known Melios

Adeo's Reign (15 SA to 62 SA)
Aduro Inflammo - Melio of Fire
Ara Imber - Melio of Water
Rex's Reign (1296 SA to 1336 SA)
Ignis Ardor - Melio of Fire
Sal Unda - Melio of Water
Petra Mons - Melio of Earth
Aura Anima - Melio of Air
Malum Niger - Melio of Darkness
Tempus Lux - Melio of Light
Artem Nox - Fusion Melio of Blood
Silva Nox - Fusion Melio of Shadow
Celebrant's Reign (1336 SA to present)
Ignis Ardor - Melio of Fire
Aqua Unda - Melio of Water
Terra Ultimum - Melio of Earth (Former)
Arva Solum - Melio of Earth (Current)
Nato Magna - Melio of Lightning
Umbra Ater - Melio of Darkness
Tempus Lux - Melio of Light
Lusio Nox - Fusion Melio of Illusions
Aerith Adamas - Fusion Melio of Steel
Clarus Gelo - Fusion Melio of Nature