Wilken is a wandering magic minstrel who primarily lives in Pazot, New Lydia. He is wanted in Astia for multiple acts of thievery pertaining to nobility, but has yet to be caught as he is no longer within their jurisdiction.


Wilken is a thin man with low muscle mass and a thin jawline. His hair is chin length with a very short ponytail that goes down to around his shoulder blades. It is a very light blonde color with a hint of brown and his eyes are thinly shaped with light blue irises.

Those who've met him consider him handsome, although he can be a bit cocky at times.


He often wears a light purple tunic that he obtained from Sodai and a light gray scarf wrapped around his neck with bandaged wrists and hands. His trousers are white and his boots are dark brown and made from leather.

On his back is a quiver with a bundle of arrows for his trusty bow.


Wilken is kind in his own right, but has no problem coercing people into giving him objects - such as money or food. He often uses people as pawns to create distractions or take the fall for him in some cases. Most of the time, he tries to find people who he believes to be corrupt for these positions, but he has used slightly more innocent people a couple of times.

He feels bad for those in need and soldiers of war, but not royalty or military police. These people he considers immoral and corrupt and will do anything in his power to make their lives as miserable as the people they rule.


Skills & Abilities

Wilken is an extremely good archer and swordsman. His elemental prowess even leaves most Lydians in the dust.

He has spent many years mastering these arts during his travels and takes great pride in them. If his skills are questioned, his composure breaks and the questioner becomes his target in some way or another.