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About the Yandross Chronicles

Yandross Chronicles is a world-building project created by Drexanz. There are plans to take it further, such as a novel, but for now it is merely concepts.

The planet of Yandross is home to eleven formal races created by eleven of the twelve gods -- one of which was dormant at the time. Currently, the planet has been in existence for approximately 4 billion years.

Notable People
Zadal Ultimum
The Royal Prince of Old Lydia, Nova and son of Celebrant and Ariel Ultimum.
Celebrant Ultimum
The tyrannical High King of Old Lydia, Nova and father of Zadal, Zentei, and Terra Ultimum.
Rex Ultimum
The ancient High King of Sardes, Niguard and key figure during the Nova War.
Gait Terrene
The ancient Emperor of Niguard and catalyst antagonist of the series after the Nova War.
Artus the Azure
A very important figure during the formation of the Crimson Loda.
Adeo Ultimum
The son of Rex Ultimum and Lydia Ultimum as well as the founder of the Lydian Kingdom.