Zadal Ultimum, is the prince of Lydia and son of Celebrant and Ariel Ultimum.

Although young and ignorant to the world outside of the Lydian Capital, Zadal is trying his best to explore the land outside of his home and learn about the inhabitants of the world he's never seen before.


Zadal is a slightly short Lydian with a semi-muscular build. He has the standard slightly pointed ears that all Lydians have, although they are slightly larger than average. Zadal has his mother's small, rounded nose and her thinner, pointier jaw-line. He did not get his father's tanner skin, and instead was born with his mother's fairer skin as well as her hair and eyes.

As a child, Zadal wore a light blue tunic and brown trousers that folded into his brown knee-high boots. He also wore the standard particle glove on his right hand.

After the incident that left him exiled from the Lydian Capital, Zadal began wearing his mother's silver chained necklace with a short, thin gem attached to it.

When Zadal arrived on the surface of the Nova Empire, he wore extra clothes from his new friend, Steve Magna, that were a great deal larger than what Zadal needed. He wore a white, button-up shirt that came down past his knees and dark blue trousers that entirely covered his feet.

After Zadal and Steve arrive in Rubysta, Zadal is told to find a change of clothing. He began wearing his more signature outfit which consisted of a purple button-up shirt with a flared collar and a dark grey vest that stretched slightly past the end of the collared shirt. He wore beige trousers that folded into his newer, dark brown, knee-high boots and a new 4-slot particle glove on his right hand.

In Rubysta, Zadal gets a haircut as well. He ends up with a medium length cut, his cowlick still very visible and falling down the middle of his forehead and between his eyes. His hair comes down on the sides into very long locks of hair that go in front of his ears and his bangs are mainly pushed to the right side of his face, except for the cowlick that goes to the left alongside a few strands of hair.


Zadal is cocky, determined, and very realistic. He's not very kind, but will help those in need as long as he gets something in return, believing it to be only fair. Zadal would rather throw himself into an attack than let his friends or family get injured, but if he doesn't know somebody on a personal level, he couldn't care less what happens to them.

Although he doesn't show it, Zadal's lack of a functional family takes a toll on his emotional state. He's even stated that, even though Celebrant has done nothing kind, he would still be willing to forgive him if he changed his ways just in the hopes that it would give him a normal family some day.



When Zadal was born, Celebrant did not care for him because Zadal showed no signs of being capable of using any elemental art. However, he only wanted Zadal to wait in the wings in case Zentei were to truly disobey him, so Celebrant didn't care much and allowed Zadal to live.


When Zadal turned 4, he was in the courtyard of the Lydian Castle with Terra when he saw Melio Ignis Ardor practicing his fighting. Zadal asked who he was and Ignis replied with his full name and title: "Ignis Lumen Ardor, Melio of Fire". Zadal thought that Ignis was one of the coolest people he had ever seen and requested that he teach him to fight the same way. Ignis questioned if it was okay with Celebrant, but Zadal didn't care if it was or wan't stating that he was the deciding factor of his own life, to which Ignis agreed.

Zadal began training with Ignis instead of going to school and decided that he was going to be a Melio when he grew up, just like Ignis. Ignis reminded Zadal that they had no idea what his innate element was and that he could end up with more than one. Zadal countered this point with the existence of the Fusion Melios, stating that he could just be one of them. Ignis agreed that it was certainly possible.

One day, when Zadal was around 10 years old, he overheard Terra talking with Zentei about running away. Zadal was shocked, trying to figure out how to stop her, but never coming up with a plan in time. On the day she left, Zadal inadvertently kept Ignis busy so that he could not attempt to stop her.

After Terra left, Zadal asked Zentei if it was his fault, stating that he should have done something to stop her. Zentei told him that it wasn't his fault, but Zadal was convinced.

When Zadal was required to create a dragon tooth weapon, he chose to create a sword, but was unable to decide upon a name, resulting in quite a few harassments from his peers.


At some point in his adolescence, Zadal got bored of sword combat and decided that he wanted something different for himself. He entered the Lydian forge and asked that Caminus create a new particle gem. When asked what type of weapon Zadal wanted, he responded with a spear, because he wanted to be able to fight like his mother.

During his training with Ignis one day, Zadal managed to summon forth a cloud of darkness that engulfed Ignis, temporarily blinding him. This allowed Zadal to get the upper hand and secure victory. The two of them realized at that moment, that Zadal's main element was darkness.

Only moments after, when he realized the torches went out went out, did Zadal also use light arts to see, proving that he had not one, but two elements. And not just any elements, but the two most rare elements that any Lydian could have, especially in conjunction.


When Zadal was around 22 years old, his mother was put on the chopping block. However Zentei had a plan to save their mother, one that he believed would succeed easily.

Unfortunately, this plan did not work out as well as they had hoped and they were caught by Ignis and Umbra almost immediately. Although they managed to give the two Melios the slip, they were caught once againt outside the castle by Celebrant.

After a short fight, Zentei was thrown to the side, smashing his head against the wall of the castle and falling unconscious. Zadal was then thrown from Lydia and passed out before he could even hear what fate would befall his mother.



  • Shadow Travel: Zadal is capable of traveling through shadows with his dark draconic arts across large distances. This technique drains Zadal's CHI by a large degree and can only be used around once every hour.
  • Flash-blink: Zadal can use light energy to quickly travel from one point to another, usually only a few feet. He travels so quickly, that he appears as a blurred streak where he last stood, until he reappears in a new area.
  • Dark Mist: Zadal can turn his body into a dark, misty substance that effectively makes him invincible for a few seconds. This is the dark arts version of flash-blink.
  • Darkness Transmutation: Zadal can transform small palm-sized objects into darkness.
  • Light Absorption: Zadal can absorb light rays and beams into his person. This allows him to save light-based energy for later use.


  • Draconic Avatar: Like all Lydians, Zadal can form a semi-solid, or completely solid, dragon shape around his person using his CHI. What the dragon looks like differs from Lydian to Lydian.


  • Zadal's original middle name was Aaron before being changed to Reliquet to reflect the Lydian's latin name origins.

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