Pre-Zadal's Quest

Zadal was born on the 7th of Vindment, 1368 N.T. to Celebrant and Ariel Ultimum as a replacement for Zentei, should he show signs of inadequacy to the throne.

When Zadal became 5, he had to take the E.A.E. and failed miserably, showing no signs of even possessing the ability to sense mana, let alone control it. On top of that, he couldn’t even use any elements. This lead to Celebrant disowning him and leaving him to be forgotten. If not for his mother, Zadal would have lived on the street as a child.

Much of Zadal’s early life was spent with his sister, Terra, until she fled from their home to be free of Celebrant’s tyranny. By that point he had met Ignis approximately 2 years prior, so Zadal still had someone to be around.

Zadal never went to school, so he has no formal education and isn’t the most intelligent in the grand scheme of things. He does, however, know how to fight thanks to Ignis’s teachings.

When Zadal turned twelve, he was officially considered an adult and had to go through the process of creating his dragontooth weapon and imbuing it. He was given dragontooth, a highly powerful metal, and imbued it with some of his mana. He decided upon a sword style weapon and forged it with the help of Caminus. At the end of the ritual Zadal was to choose a name for his weapon but couldn’t think of anything. This opened him up to much ridicule from his fellow Lydians.

Later, when Zadal was training with Ignis, he managed to conjure up some dark energy that clouded Ignis’s vision and blinded him for a moment. At that moment, Zadal found out that he had the ability to control darkness and later found out that he possesses lightning as well.

One day, on his way back from the training hall, Zadal learned of his mother's incarceration and upcoming execution. No matter who he asked about it, nobody had the reason as to why she was imprisoned. Realizing he couldn't stop the execution on his own, Zadal decided to head back to the training hall to try and get his mind off the situation.