Early Years (1368 - 1380 SA)

Zadal was born on the 7th of Vindment, 1368 SA, as the third child of Celebrant and Ariel Ultimum, and a replacement for his brother, Zentei, in case he were to show signs of being unable to take the throne.

When he turned five years old, Zadal had to take the Elemental Attribute Test (EAE) where he found out his innate element was darkness. The downside being: he was unable to use his innate element in any way, shape, or form. This caused his father to nearly disown him and relegate him to the castle at all times as he was an embarrassment to the Ultimum name.

During this time, Zadal spent most of his days in the courtyard with his sister, Terra. The two would mostly pick flowers and simply exist while Zentei was learning what it took to be the high king. One day, when Zadal was around 8 years old, he literally ran into the Melio of Fire, Ignis Ardor. Although Ignis was terrified for his life after making physical contact with the royal prince of Old Lydia, Zadal simply wanted to be trained by the man. Feeling as if he had no other choice, Ignis agreed to train Zadal in the ways of physical combat.

Just before Zadal's 10th birthday, his sister successfully fled the kingdom of Old Lydia to escape her father's tyranny. She fought her way through many of the Melios and tens of guards before leaping from the floating island with her young cousin, Eric Lux, in tow. Zadal wasn't sure why Terra left, but felt as though he could have stopped her if he had known she would leave. He spent many days afterward in a state of depression, thinking that it was his fault in some way that she left without a word.

Over the years, Zadal and Ignis had become very close, with Ignis becoming something of a father figure for the prince. He had even managed to teach Zadal to use a few Draconic Arts related to his innate element. Because Zadal was unable to leave the castle, he was not allowed to attend school, so Ignis took it upon himself to teach the young man the basics of reading, writing, and simple math. Although Zadal hated learning those things, he ultimately appreciated being a little more competent.

Slowly, but surely, Zadal became more and more competent in the Draconic Arts and the use of a sword. At some point in his life, Zadal decided he was too good with a sword and elected to begin training with the spear in honor of his mother. As with most things in his life, this became all he did for the majority of his free time.

The Execution of Ariel Ultimum (1390 SA)

On the early morning of Mundory 34th, Zadal learned that his mother was to be executed on accusations of treason from his own father. In a panic, he went to Ignis and asked for help. Although the Melio wanted to do something, he unfortunately could not and had to tell Zadal that nothing could be done as the High King's word was final. In a rage, Zadal absolutely obliterated the entirely of the training hall and stormed into the courtyard where he ran into his brother, Zentei.

Zentei explained that he had a plan to stop their mother's execution, but he needed Zadal's help. He agreed to help his brother and the two decided to meet in one month, just before her execution.

Together, the two headed into the dungeon of Castle Ultimum and informed the guard that they were tasked with moving Ariel into a safer location. Although hesitant at first, the guard eventually agreed and allowed them to take Ariel from her cell.

Once outside the dungeon, the three ran into Ignis Ardor. He explained that he was told to stop the two princes from rescuing their mother. Another of the Melios, Umrba Ater, stepped out from around a corner and told them that they could only accept defeat and forfeit their mother's life. Zentei refused and the three took up arms against the two Melios.

After a short fight, the Zadal and co. emerged victorious and continued their escape. Realizing that Celebrant knew of their plan, they decided their was no need for discretion. They began to fight their way out of the castle and into the field outside, ready to leap from the kingdom whenever necessary.

Once there, they were greeted by Celebrant and all of his Melios. The High King explained that they had no choice after attacking Ignis and Umbra, they had forfeit both their lives and their mother's. Celebrant attacked all three of them and smashed Zentei's head into the castle's wall, knocking him unconscious. He then turned to Zadal and thrust his great sword through his torso, lifting him from the ground before finally throwing him from the floating island. As he fell, Zadal watched his mother reach over the side of the island and attempt to save him. She could not reach Zadal before he eventually lost consciousness and continued to fall to the surface below.

The Lydian War (1409 - 1410 SA)

After his fall, Zadal awoke in a strange new room. He wasn't sure where he was or what was happening, but he attempted to pull himself out of bed. Zadal's body had clearly lost most of its strength, causing his arms to buckle under his weight and leave him falling face-first into the floor.

As he lay there, he began to realize his body was thin and his clothes were much too small for him. He began to realize that he was now much older than he was before the fall. Before he could think further, he was greeted by a man who had made his way into the room where Zadal slept.

This man introduced himself as Steven Magna, an Alpha Lydian from Old Lydia. He told Zadal that he'd been unconscious for around 20 years and was being kept alive through Steven's own Draconic Arts and a friend's scientific ability. Zadal decided to begin calling the man Steve before asking about Celebrant and his mother. Steve told him that he wasn't sure about their current statuses, but that he was sure Zadal was in no condition to fight again for quite some time.

Zadal cared very little about his physical condition and decided that he'd need to begin training again so that he could return to Old Lydia and save his mother.

He spent the next few days training his body and spirit to fight once again. It didn't take long for most of his strength to return and, with that, he was ready to begin enacting his plan.