Zadal is the main protagonist of the Zadal's Quest series. He used to live in Castle Ultimum, but was eventually banished after he and his brother, Zentei, attempted to stop their mother's execution.


Zadal is known to take after his mother in almost every aspect. He adopted her bright red hair, amber eyes, and even jawline. The only thing that Zadal shares with his father is their prominent cowlick that forces a lock of hair from the back of their head to come forward.

He is of average height and has a built body from his constant training with Melio Ignis Ardor.


Before being literally thrown from Old Lydia, Zadal wore the standard Lydian attire. This consisted of a basic blue tunic, beige leather trousers, and dark leather boots. On top of this, Zadal wore a thin leather pauldron over his left shoulder and a glove with the Particle Matrix embedded in it.

After leaving Old Lydia, Zadal obtains new clothing. After entering Rubysta, he sees a dancer who he deems "popular". After seeing this, Zadal decides to wear a similar outfit, thinking that it would make him popular as well. This outfit consisted of a dark purple collared shirt, a dark gray vest, tight beige leather trousers, and similar dark leather boots to his original ones. He still had his glove with the Particle Matrix, but this time it was the Particle Matrix 'M'.


Zadal is not known to be inherently kind to anyone, not even his own family. He prefers not to help people unless they give him something in return - preferably money - but he has a soft spot for children and people with a similar past to himself.

He is incredibly blunt after growing up as a prince and will tell the truth regardless of the outcome or current circumstances. This has lead to people believing that he is rude or ignorant which, in turn, did not give him many friends growing up.

Likes & Dislikes

Zadal enjoys gambling as all Lydians do and tasting his brother's dishes. He also likes to spar with Ignis and consistently does so on a daily basis.

He is not particularly fond of hot weather and despises deserts, thinking that they are an unnecessary part of the world.


Terra Ultimum

Before she fled Old Lydia, Terra and Zadal had a close relationship. Because she wasn't allowed to travel outside of the castle, Terra spent most of her time with Zadal or reading alone in her room. Zadal was still fairly young at the time, however, so his memories of her a slightly fuzzy.

Zentei Ultimum

Zadal and Zentei were incredibly close. On his days off, Zentei would head to Zadal's room and test new recipes that he would then give to Zadal to try. They stopped spending as much time together as time went on due to Zentei's duties as the Crown Royal Prince of Old Lydia, but they still got together every once in a while.

Skills & Abilities


  • Zadal's favorite color is purple.
    • Zadal's least favorite color is blue.
  • Although he doesn't admit it, the only book that Zadal will read is a romantic novel owned by Terra.