Zadal was the Prince of Old Lydia and son of Celebrant and Ariel Ultimum. After he and Zentei attempted to free their mother from execution, Zadal was thrown from Old Lydia and banished, losing his Prince status.. His goal is to stop his father from annihilating the other races and he hopes to reunify Old Lydia and New Lydia. 

He is the main protagonist of Zadal's Quest.


Personality Traits

Due to Zadal's social status and lack of a father figure for his developmental years, he grew up to see himself as objectively better than those underneath him. Although Zadal likes to mention his status, he doesn't do so in a condescending manner or brag, he simply states it as a matter of fact.

Zadal enjoys training with Ignis and gambling, although he isn't very good at either one of those things. On top of that, he likes to taste new foods cooked by his brother, Zentei, and doesn't like learning or reading.

Appearance and Fashion

Zadal has messy red hair and bright golden eyes. He has slightly pointed ears as all Lydians do and a thin and pointy jawline.

His body is toned, but lanky and he stands with his chest out. Zadal also like to stand in a "heroic" fashion, with one leg in front of the other and his chin slightly raised. He believes that this makes him look cool and important.

Before Zadal is banished, he wears a simple outfit consisting of the light blue dress shirt and tan trousers that are customary for the Lydians. Afterward, he decides to start wearing a purple dress shirt, beige trousers, leather boots, two black gloves, a black belt, and a black vest. He got the idea to wear those things after seeing a "popular looking" dancer in Rubysta. Because he wasn't sure what kind of clothes looked good together, he based his outfit off of hers.

Codenames and Aliases

  • Zay: Zadal is called "Zay" by his rival, Ventus.


After Zadal is gone, he is known for reunifying Lydia and saving Nova from Celebrant. His name becomes known throughout the world.

Chronological Appearances

Main Appearances

Zadal's Quest: The story of Zadal and his adventure to free Old Lydia from Celebrant.


Game Text


  • Zadal's favorite color is purple.
    • Zadal's least favorite color is blue.
  • Although he doesn't admit it, the only book that Zadal will read is a romantic novel owned by Terra.