Mana Manipulation

  • Draconic Avatar: Can form a dragon-like avatar, created from mana, around their body.

Draconic Arts

  • Dark Haze: Zadal creates a cloud of darkness that surrounds his opponent for a few minutes, blinding them.

Elemental Manipulation

  • Darkness: Can control shadows and other darkness. 
  • Light: Can control light and create beams. 
  • Fire: Can control fire. 
  • Earth: Can control earth.

Weaknesses and Resistances

Zadal is weak and resistant to the following elements: 

  • Water x2 
  • Earth x0.5 
  • Air x2 
  • Fire x0.5
  • Light x2
  • Dark x2



Zadal is incredibly skilled with a sword. So much so that he refused to use it any longer because nothing posed a significant challenge to him. 


Zadal is relatively good at hand-to-hand combat. He was trained by Ignis in this regard, but doesn't use it much. 


Zadal is newer to spear combat than sword combat, but is quite skilled nevertheless.